Every aspect of your wedding day needs to be perfect (not necessarily traditional but perfect). This special day that you have been planning since you were a little girl, or maybe this big day caught you by surprise. None the less, all we want is a perfect day with the perfect people and the perfect venue with enough photographs to keep the memories captured forever.

What do you look for in a wedding venue In Pretoria?
No doubt you have a lot to plan and consider for your special day. From the smallest details like your earrings' or wedding gifts to the larger things like finding the right wedding venue in Pretoria.

Look for a venue with a luscious garden!
Photographers can make any photo look good, but with the correct background setting and beautiful garden, your wedding photos are bound to be perfect. One of the aspects brides barely ever think about, are the aspects they are bound to miss out on, on their special day. You will be saying your vows, greeting guests, taking photos, opening the dance floor, cutting the cake, and dancing the night away. Photos are a great way to capture these missed or overlooked moments. Ensure you have the perfect setting for these photos.

How many guests are you having?
Finding a wedding venue in Pretoria that can accommodate all your guests, whether the wedding is intimate and only for close friends and family, or a large wedding with plenty of guests, Encore Complex can assist you with the perfect venue. The Marula hall is perfect to make this day extra special.

Have you thought about catering for your wedding day?
Encore Complex takes the pressure off your hands by supplying our own catering. We have different types of food available to accommodate the guests for your special day. We have our own crockery available, stainless steel cutlery, glassware, tablecloths, and chair covers available for hire to ensure that you have thought about everything to accommodate your guests on your special day.

What else does Encore Complex offer?
Marula Hall is air-conditioned for the perfect conditions on a hot summer day or cold winter evening. This venue can easily host 200 guests (please inquire at Encore Complex to make sure of the restrictions with the lock-down and Corona Virus restrictions) and we have ample safe parking available. Encore Complex is wheelchair friendly to ensure all guests feel comfortable and have access to the facilities.

Phone Encore Complex today for the best prices when it comes to hiring a wedding venue in Pretoria.

Encore Complex - We are here to host your event



Encore Complex is the perfect wedding ceremony venue situated in Pretoria, with a beautiful garden and ample and safe parking.

No doubt your wedding ceremony is one of the most important events you will ever have to plan. But your reception needs to be just as perfect. After all, this is your special day. Encore Complex has the perfect venue for your special day.
We can provide the perfect setting for your special day as well as catering.

Encore Complex has been providing catering for large functions for years and with our wide variety menu, you have ample choices available to make your special day, unforgettable.

Encore Complex has ample and safe parking available and is wheelchair friendly.

For more information, phone Encore Complex today.

Encore Complex is taking hospitality and service excellence to the next level. The theatre presents itself perfectly beautiful decorations, amazing music, and mesmerizing lighting will really make it a night you will never forget.

With the outset of this theatre, patrons carried the original chairs from the old Capital Bioscope on the Church Plain into the Encore Theatre. The soft curves of the stage, ensure that everyone has a seat to take and that the atmosphere as electrical.

The Encore theatre, it truly becomes something to get excited about. We provide the performers with a venue to do intimate theatre productions, live music, and the best entertainment, as well as CD and product launches and video shoots. With the elegant background of the theatre, Encore Theatre truly is one of the most beautiful entertainment venues in Pretoria.

Here, we mix nostalgic and classic items, including modern lighting & sound to ensure that every production is a compelling experience. Encore Complex strives to create long term relationships with each performing artist, we go out of our way to make every performance successful.

Please contact us on 083 327 7748 if you would like more information on Encore's Event Venues In Pretoria.

Finding the perfect training venue that is a centralized venue, equipped with the required equipment, is wheelchair accessible and with ample parking just became easier.

Encore Complex is the perfect training venue for big or small companies. We have a variety of training venues available to suit your need.

The Marula Hall Corporate Training Facility or Training venue consists of the following:
• Seats: 200
• Wheelchair Friendly
• Air-conditioning
• Tables
• Chairs
• Extras - Crockery, Stainless Steel Cutlery, Glassware, tablecloths, and chair covers (available for hire, we can do catering for your event as well)

Then we have the Protea Conference Room. This venue consists of the following:

• Seats: 42
• Cinema Style - Seats: 60
• Wheelchair Friendly
• Air-conditioning
• Projector & Screen
• Flip Chart Stand

The other alternative for a training venue at Encore Complex will be the Kiepersol. This facility is perfect if you require the following:
• Seats: 14
• Wheelchair Friendly
• Air-conditioning
• Projector & Screen
• Flip Chart Stand

The perfect venue for every occasion, leaving you satisfied time after time. For booking more information, feel free to give us a call.

The time has come where Encore Complex is ready to host your company's training and conferences again. And we are looking forward to seeing you at our venue.

Training and conferences with Encore Complex

Encore Complex has everything you are looking for in a training venue and conference facilities Encore Complex provides you with a private training venue and conference centre to host your companies regular training and conferences to your most valued employees or business partners or even international clients.

Our conference centre can host 50 people under the National Lockdown Regulations which is ideal for small to medium-sized companies to continue their business even under these difficult circumstances with the aim on success, a calm and professional environment.

Encore Complex is wheelchair friendly and with ample parking, your conference or meeting will be successful and accessible for everyone attending.

Why book a meeting or training with your employees?

The importance of training and meetings are often underestimated until we are unable to give our employees the necessary training or to host a meeting under normal circumstances. Training and office meetings are needed as part of a professional environment, giving your employees the required knowledge for the job at hand. And with many employees unsure of the impact the Covid 19 has on the workplace, now is the ideal time to take the reins back into your own hands and empower all employees with the certainty that all measurements are in place with the adapted working circumstances.

Without teamwork, it is hard to achieve business goals. By taking the time to inform the employees, many hurdles can be overcome easily. These meetings enable you and your employees to communicate outside the office environment, share information and solve and resolve some issues or disputes that any one of them might have.

Meetings and training empower the employees to communicate successfully and can improve their overall performance in the working environment. Meetings and training enable employees and staff to network, share ideas and inform management of new developments within the company.

Without a team that is willing to work as a unit, it is much harder to achieve business goals. Therefore the importance of training and office meetings come into place.  Using an establishment out of office gives everyone the opportunity to function without distractions.

And with a safe, secure and professional environment, all employees and trainers will feel at ease. Phone Encore Complex today to book your meeting or training session.