So often we overlook the importance of an office meeting and the impact it has on the employees. The purpose of an office meeting has so many benefits to the company, the employees and to build relationships between everyone in the workplace.

Business/office meetings are a necessary part of operating in a professional environment. Office meetings are an important element of business management. Office Meetings enable you and your employees to communicate and share information, solve problems or resolve disputes, improve performance, clarifying the role of everyone inside the company, build teamwork and move projects forward. They allow staff to network, share ideas and inform management of new developments within the company or among clients.

Without teamwork, it is hard to achieve business goals. In a place where the meetings are non-existent, most of the workers will have no idea of what is going in the organization. Using a training venue will ensure there are no distractions with office phones ringing, clients walking in the door or having to concentrate on the work that needs to be done for the day. Encore Complex provides you with a private training venue suited for your office needs.

With Encore Complex, we not only make office meetings possible, but we have a training venue for every occasion. Whether it is for motivational speaking, booking an office event, having a training session or simply just to have to discuss what is expected of every employee.

Encore Complex is not only a training venue, but we can also do the catering for your meeting. All of our rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, luxurious furniture and earthy coloured walls to ensure comfort and a professional environment. 

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There is nothing better than a new year and to start it with enthusiasm and a brand-new outlook on your company’s vision, mission and values. At the beginning of a new year, it is important to get all the employees on the same page for the year ahead sharing your enthusiasm with the rest of the company, a conference or a company meeting. We’ve got you covered.

Finding a conference venue in Pretoria that can accommodate the full size of your company is as simple as Encore Complex. Our conference venue in Pretoria have ample parking, comfortable seating, is wheelchair friendly, we have different size venues available AND we can do the catering as well.

Encore Complex is proud that we are one of the few conference venues in Pretoria that is totally wheelchair friendly. Encore Complex is a 100% wheelchair friendly theatre in Pretoria, with a variety of facilities open to wheelchair clients, from seating in the auditorium to wheelchair friendly bathrooms.

Our training venues are fully equipped with air-conditioning and is equipped with screens and data projectors to cater for your every need. Encore Complex can cater for from 4 to 200 + people.

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Encore Complex taking service excellence and hospitality to the next level.

Encore Complex certainly had a great year. Full of live entertainment, events, conferences and other entertainment. We are certainly looking forward to what 2020 has to offer. There are so many events to look forward to.

Encore Complex would like to thank every person that attended an event during this year. Without your continued support, we would not have been able to make Encore Complex what it is today. Thank you to all our loyal customers for hiring our venues and giving us the opportunity to do your catering during this year.

We look forward to your business during 2020 and we wish all of you a Blessed and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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From all of us at Encore Complex, be safe, be merry and be blessed.

It’s the festive season already. This year has flown by. And before we know it, we are back to work again in only 20 days. Are you ready and organised for the new year? 

Venues in Pretoria for your convenience ae available at Encore Complex. Whether you require a venue for a small office motivational speech for the new year, or a conference room for the larger companies, Encore Complex has got Venues in Pretoria available at your demand. 

Finding the perfect venue for your office needs, has never been easier. Encore Complex has got ample parking, disability facilities and is efficient for every company in Pretoria. From the smallest function to the largest conference, we can cater for all. Finding Venues in Pretoria has never been easier. Our Venues for hire can differentiate to cater for the smallest office meeting to the largest conference. 

We would like to thank every person that made use of our venues or hired a venue for a year end function. We look forward to seeing you in 2020. Be blesses, Be merry, Be safe if you are traveling. 

Encore Complex - with venues to hire for every occasion.

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It’s that time of year again. Time for year-end functions and catering. The only way to end this successful business year, is with the employees that helped make it possible.

This is the time of year where everyone could do with a holiday. Doesn’t matter in which industry you are practising. We all look forward to the December holidays. But have you got a venue for your year-end function?

Encore Complex has all the facilities needed to end the year 2019 on a high note. Our facilities are totally wheelchair friendly and we have ample parking available and the best news is, Encore Complex can arrange the catering too.

Our venue is suitable for companies of all sizes. Big or small, we can provide you with a suitable venue that fulfils all you’re needs for your 2019 year-end function. Catering? Not a problem. You can find the Catering request form on our website. Our catering includes a wide variety of items from snack platters, beverages, confectionary platters, light lunches as well as sandwich platters. 

Encore Complex – taking hospitality and service excellence to the next level.

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