It’s that time of year again. Time for year-end functions and catering. The only way to end this successful business year, is with the employees that helped make it possible.

This is the time of year where everyone could do with a holiday. Doesn’t matter in which industry you are practising. We all look forward to the December holidays. But have you got a venue for your year-end function?

Encore Complex has all the facilities needed to end the year 2019 on a high note. Our facilities are totally wheelchair friendly and we have ample parking available and the best news is, Encore Complex can arrange the catering too.

Our venue is suitable for companies of all sizes. Big or small, we can provide you with a suitable venue that fulfils all you’re needs for your 2019 year-end function. Catering? Not a problem. You can find the Catering request form on our website. Our catering includes a wide variety of items from snack platters, beverages, confectionary platters, light lunches as well as sandwich platters. 

Encore Complex – taking hospitality and service excellence to the next level.

Phone Encore Complex today to book for your year-end function and catering.

What does Heritage Day and the theatre have in common?

Heritage Day is a South African public holiday celebrated by millions of people all over the rainbow nation. People are encouraged to celebrate their different cultures and the diversity of their believes and traditions. This public holiday is celebrated on the 24th of September each year.  Heritage Day is an important nation-building tool and an especially exciting way of reaching out to young South Africans, to encourage national pride.

Culture and its heritage reflect and shape values, beliefs, and aspirations, thereby defining a people's national identity. It is important to preserve our cultural heritage because it keeps our integrity as a people.

Just like we celebrate Heritage Day to preserve our cultural heritage, the theatre does the same. The theatre broadcasts our heritage and culture on a life stage. South Africa has a vibrant theatrical scene offering everything from indigenous drama, music, dance, cabaret and satire to West End and Broadway hits, classical opera and ballet.

The main purpose of the theatre is to bring joy to people. Theatre helps us to see a different perspective from our own, promotes us to give power to truth, to take risks and to advocate for new and diverse voices. For many, theatre has become a tradition. Theatre performances demonstrate to us the love, the strength and the determination it takes to accomplish goals in our own lives.

The theatre influences the way we think and feel about our own lives and encourages us to take a hard look at ourselves, our values, our traditions and our behaviour. Experiencing culture in the theatre is a reminder of where we came from or what our beliefs sometimes even help us reflect on our values.

But most importantly, the theatre brings people together. Spending times with loved ones and friends at the theatre breaks us away from the life outside we experience daily like stress and hard circumstances. There is no better experience at the theatre than experiencing a vibrant theatrical show surrounded by friends and family. Whether you like life artists, jazz, classical opera or drama, the theatre is a magical place where we an take a break on life and just experience the wonderful talent our country, South Africa has to offer.

The Encore Theatre, Encore Complex, is a state-of-the-art Conference Centre and Theatre equipped for all your Live on-stage Events, Training Facilities, Private Meeting Venues as well as Conference Venues.

Happy Heritage Day from all of us at Encore Complex.

Encore Complex was established in 2009, starting small and growing into a well-known venue for a function or event of the client's needs. But there is something special about Encore Complex, that is mentioned with proud, which is a small piece of history.

This piece of history is the core of our theatre, it is our pride and joy and it is the very seats that you sit on during a show, graduation or event. These seats are the original chairs that come all the way from the Old Capital Bioscope on the Church Plain. With that we maintain a feeling of nostalgic and classic items with modern lighting and sound to ensure one of a kind experience.

Book with for a lifetime experience in our special theatre with its own piece of history to make it worth the while.

Encore Complex has everything you are looking for in a training venue.  We can provide you with all the necessities, whether your company is big or small, we accommodate them all.

If you are looking for a contemporary training venue in Pretoria to provide your employees with the necessary training or a private conference room for company meetings, you are at the right place.  

Encore Complex provides you with a private training venue to host regular training sessions.  Our training venue in Pretoria has the perfect layout for effective training of your employees, empowering them to excel in their jobs. 

The importance of training is often underestimated. Well trained employees are essential to any business. With our wide variety of services and training rooms, ranging from small meetings to large training rooms seating up to 227 people, additional option of catering, providing you with ample and safe parking, wheelchair friendly facilities, data projectors and screens and air-conditioned rooms, Encore Complex is the only training venue of choice. 

Our training facilities are enriched with tones with cream, dark wood and leather finishes making our training venue the preferred choice for training sessions.

Encore Theatre Conference and Training Venues strive to create long lasting relationships with each of our clients. 

Contact Encore Theatre for training facilities that meets your exact requirements.  For bookings call Marietha Jonker on: 083 327 7748


We are a function venue that can offer you more than you expect and that is the biggest reason you should choose us.

Mainly, we have a theatre for any occasion, from a performance to a graduation. For the theatre, we have two dressing rooms where the preparations for the performance can happen. We have conference rooms available for part-time lectures that can take place in one of our three conference rooms. Our main hall is also available to seat up to 220 people for a wedding or any other function to your heart's desire.

Above all, we can supply your catering needs on the venue as well!

Whatever your function needs, we can make it happen!

Contact us by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call on 083 327 7748 / 084 798 6014.