Encore Complex in Pretoria is one of the largest, most used conference venues with good reason.

Our conference facilities are easily accessible, ample parking available and wheelchair friendly. We are proud to be able to host many different events each year. From live events to conferences and training venues.

We have a large range of different facilities ranging from live entertainment, conference venues, training venues, wedding venue and so much more. Therefore, we became the conference venue of choice in Pretoria.

Encore Complex's fully equipped lecture halls allow for a wide variety of events to be booked and we have already hosted institutes such as SAQUA, Forensics (ACFESA), and The University of Pretoria. Our venue is perfect for your next conference, meeting, or staff meeting. 

Just to mention a few of our lecture halls, we have the Strelitzia, Protea, and Kipersol which is the perfect conference venue, meeting venue, and lecture halls. Perfect for almost any occasion. All our conference venues are fully equipped, have air conditioning and a calm feeling to ensure the experience is one for the books. Our conference venues are wheelchair friendly to ensure that all personnel is catered for and ample parking available.

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Whether you are planning a conference or an event, Encore Complex can host both events.

But how do plan a successful event or conference?

The planning can seem like a daunting task at hand. There are certainly many things you need to do and think about when planning your perfect conference or event. Here are a few things to help ease your planning process when it comes to choosing the perfect conference center and venue:

Planning a conference:


The location of an event is of huge importance as it aids in the success of the conference. Before you determine the location of your event, ensure that you can provide transportation and if need be accommodation close to your venue or conference center.


It is essential to consider branding opportunities. Ask the venue coordinator what type of branding you're allowed to use and what the exact specifications of the conference centre space are.


Seek a venue that has all the facilities your event might need. This includes the audio and visual equipment, lighting, etc.

Food and Beverages

Be sure to ask whether your venue can accommodate your event's food and beverage needs. Keep in mind any allergies and special diet requests.

Planning an Event:

Planning an event is simple if done correctly. You simply go by the three golden policies: plan ahead, surround yourself with a good team, and recognize why you're doing it!

Here are a few recommendations that will help you in this adventure.


  1. Don't rush into decisions.

Don’t rush into the logistics. Before booking the venue and order catering, you want to take the time and look at the venue, if it does have all the requirements you need for your event. Look at the number of people allowed, wheelchair accessibility, etc.

  1. Establish your budget

This might be the most halting decision yet. But, if planned carefully, your budget can be stretched way further than you might think. 

  1. Set the date

This might seem like an obvious step in planning your event, but did you confirm the date with the venue? Did you confirm by which time you have to be out of the venue? Is the date suitable for your most important guest? These are all question we need to ask before we continue our planning       

  1. Sponsors & Speakers

Confirm with all your sponsors and speakers that the date and time will be acceptable. Collect all outstanding monies from sponsors and if the speakers need to pay to speak at your event, collect the money beforehand.

  1. Event Promotion

All of the aspects help sell the event, raise awareness and increase the number of attendees.

  1. Entertainment

Are you hosting any additional entertainment for the evening? A live performer? Motivational speaker? Get these arrangements sorted ASAP. Confirm with your performers the amount of time they will have on stage.

  1. Equipment

Do you require any additional equipment not included in the venue? Normal things, but when planning an event, it is easy to forget about things like speakers, lighting, chairs, cutlery (if having a buffet or snacks), etc.

Luckily, if you are planning an event, Encore complex has got you covered with most of the above-mentioned. We have our equipment, cutlery, venue, accessibility, etc. All you need to do is confirm the finer details surrounding your event.

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Are you ready and prepared for the year 2021 to commence?

Have you got the perfect training venues for the year ahead? If not Encore Complex has the right training facility for your company. 

Why get a training facility?

The importance of training is underestimated. Well trained employees are essential to any business. Encore Complex provides you with a private training venue to host regular training sessions. Our training venue in Pretoria has the perfect layout for efficient training, empowering them to excel in their jobs.

Want to train your employees? Have a large staff? Then you will want to seek out the perfect location for training. The Encore Theatre presents itself perfectly for Corporate Training Facilities and general Training Venues In Pretoria, which has already been used by big institutes such as SAQUA, forensics (ACFESA), The University of Pretoria for graduations to name just a few. 

Which training facility is big enough for my employees?

Whether you are looking for a small intimate venue or a massive life event venue, we have got it. Our conference venues can accommodate various group sizes and is situated in the heart of the city in Hatfield.

Training can also take place in our fully equipped Lecture Halls, such as the Strelitzia, Protea, and Kiepersol halls. Our training facilities are comfortable, spacious, reasonably priced and with our wide range of training facilities, we are sure that one of them will be the right setting for you and your employees. 

What else does Encore Complex Offer?

Encore Complex is not only a training venue, but we can also do the catering for your meeting. All of our rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, luxurious furniture, and earthy colored walls to ensure comfort and a professional environment. 

Contact Encore Complex on 083 327 7748 for more information regarding our Training Venues In Pretoria, come and have a look and see, or please fill in our booking form which can be sent to you once requested.




Want to present training to your employees during the current level 1 of the National Lockdown? Encore Complex - ample space perfect for social distancing in these times. We can provide you with all the necessities, whether your company is big or small, we accommodate them all.

If you are looking for a contemporary training venue in Pretoria, with ample space for safe social distancing, to provide your employees with the necessary training, we welcome you to Encore Complex.

Why should I provide my employees with training?

The importance of training is often underestimated. Well trained employees are essential to any business. Inadequately trained employees are likely to experience poor job performance and increased levels of work-related stress.

Without teamwork, it is hard to achieve business goals. By taking the time to inform the employees, many hurdles can be overcome easily. Poorly trained employees are likely to feel undervalued, which will reduce workplace productivity, loyalty and engagement.

These meetings enable you and your employees to communicate outside the office environment, share information and solve and resolve some issues or disputes that any one of them might have. Using an establishment out of the office gives everyone the opportunity to function without distractions.

Therefore the importance of training and office meetings come into place.  And with a safe, secure and professional environment, all employees and trainers will feel at ease.

With our wide variety of services and training rooms, ranging from small meetings to large training rooms seating up to 227 people, additional option of catering, providing you with ample and safe parking, wheelchair friendly facilities, data projectors and screens and air-conditioned rooms, Encore Complex is the only training venue of choice. 

Different Training Rooms

Our conference venues can accommodate various group sizes and are situated in the heart of the city in Hatfield.

The Marula Hall Corporate Training Facility or Training venue consists of the following:
• Seats: 200
• Wheelchair Friendly
• Air-conditioning
• Tables
• Chairs
• Extras - Crockery, Stainless Steel Cutlery, Glassware, tablecloths, and chair covers (available for hire, we can do catering for your event as well)

Then we have the Protea Conference Room. This venue consists of the following:

  • Seats: 42
    • Cinema Style - Seats: 60
    • Wheelchair Friendly
    • Air-conditioning
    • Projector & Screen
    • Flip Chart Stand

The other alternative for a training venue at Encore Complex will be the Kiepersol. This facility is perfect if you require the following:
• Seats: 14
• Wheelchair Friendly
• Air-conditioning
• Projector & Screen
• Flip Chart Stand

The perfect venue for every occasion, leaving you satisfied time after time. 

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Every aspect of your wedding day needs to be perfect (not necessarily traditional but perfect). This special day that you have been planning since you were a little girl, or maybe this big day caught you by surprise. None the less, all we want is a perfect day with the perfect people and the perfect venue with enough photographs to keep the memories captured forever.

What do you look for in a wedding venue In Pretoria?
No doubt you have a lot to plan and consider for your special day. From the smallest details like your earrings' or wedding gifts to the larger things like finding the right wedding venue in Pretoria.

Look for a venue with a luscious garden!
Photographers can make any photo look good, but with the correct background setting and beautiful garden, your wedding photos are bound to be perfect. One of the aspects brides barely ever think about, are the aspects they are bound to miss out on, on their special day. You will be saying your vows, greeting guests, taking photos, opening the dance floor, cutting the cake, and dancing the night away. Photos are a great way to capture these missed or overlooked moments. Ensure you have the perfect setting for these photos.

How many guests are you having?
Finding a wedding venue in Pretoria that can accommodate all your guests, whether the wedding is intimate and only for close friends and family, or a large wedding with plenty of guests, Encore Complex can assist you with the perfect venue. The Marula hall is perfect to make this day extra special.

Have you thought about catering for your wedding day?
Encore Complex takes the pressure off your hands by supplying our own catering. We have different types of food available to accommodate the guests for your special day. We have our own crockery available, stainless steel cutlery, glassware, tablecloths, and chair covers available for hire to ensure that you have thought about everything to accommodate your guests on your special day.

What else does Encore Complex offer?
Marula Hall is air-conditioned for the perfect conditions on a hot summer day or cold winter evening. This venue can easily host 200 guests (please inquire at Encore Complex to make sure of the restrictions with the lock-down and Corona Virus restrictions) and we have ample safe parking available. Encore Complex is wheelchair friendly to ensure all guests feel comfortable and have access to the facilities.

Phone Encore Complex today for the best prices when it comes to hiring a wedding venue in Pretoria.

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