Everyone is feeling the economic pressure of the current lockdown, Businesses, schools, churches, and especially us at Encore Complex. For years we were able to entertain the whole of South Africa with local talent which came to a sudden halt.

Encore Complex will still be the best theatre for live entertainment in Pretoria after the national lockdown ends. We are unsure of when we will be open for the best local entertainment, but we are taking this time to reflect on the great talent we have right here in South Africa and will compose a list of artists to perform as soon as we know when we are able to entertain you again.

We also feel the burden of not being able to do what we love most, entertain. But we have a lot more to be thankful for when this is all over. Encore Complex wants you to part of our first live entertainment in Pretoria and will keep you updated on when we will be open for the best entertainment in South Africa.

Encore Complex wants you to stay home for now and stay safe.

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Encore Complex is currently closed for all entertainment in Pretoria, but we are not taking this time for granted. We have been planning our latest events after the lockdown and look forward to all our regular and new visitors to enjoy the positive atmosphere we have planned with extraordinary artists bound to perform.

The national lockdown came to surprise to all of us. And gave us time to reflect on what really matters during this period. Family, friends, and certainly the things we as South Africans do best, socializing. We all want to visit with family and friends and go to our favorite place of entertainment in Pretoria.

Having time to reflect on our lives, is bound to change all of us in one way or another. Encore Complex is looking forward to taking this journey with you. We can certainly promise the best entertainment in Pretoria as well as the best training facilities for all your corporate needs.

Encore Complex is looking forward to seeing you at one of our shows once the lockdown is over and something of the past. There is a future for all of us in South Africa and we look forward to facing the challenges that are presented to us.

Encore Complex – The best entertainment venue in Pretoria

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With everyone in a state of panic about the corona virus, Encore Complex understands the fear of all South Africans of being in close proximity with large crowds of people. Therefor, we want to offer our venue hire services in Pretoria to companies that want to have a secluded meeting with only a few people in an environment that is calm, relaxed and to let the meeting take its course.

With the best conference and meeting venue hire facilities in Pretoria available at Encore Complex, you can be assured that your employees will be comfortable within our spacious rooms and to avoid being cramped up in a room full of people. Our facilities can accommodate from 5 – 200 people and the conference rooms are private.

Our conference rooms are equipped with electronic equipment, such as projectors, lighting, sound, air conditioners and more. The encore theatre is 100% wheelchair friendly ensuring that everyone is comfortable and have access to the facilities. We also have a variety of training facilities available for you to choose from all with their very own look and feel to it. Finding a private venue to hire to suite your needs, is as simple as Encore Complex.

Our training facilities are comfortable, spacious, reasonably priced. Phone Encore Complex today for your venue hire facility in Pretoria.

Encore Complex wants to thank all our loyal clients over the years. We encourage you to be safe during this time and oblige to the Health and Safety Departments requests with regards to the corona virus.

The news of the National lockdown came down hard on all South Africans. But instead of dwelling on what we are unable to do during this period, Encore Complex thought to reflect on the true meaning of being able to go the theatre with no restriction.

As a fellow South African citizen, we have never been in a situation quite like this. Not being able to leave your home for your favourite show, attending live entertainment events in Pretoria and surrounding areas and having to stay home for the protection of yourself and your family.

But instead of focusing on all the negatives of the national lockdown, we are looking at the positive side with the best live entertainment in Pretoria that will be at Encore Complex when this is all a distant memory.

What does the theatre mean to your mental state of mind?

Truth be told, it is not only the employees and bosses having to stay home that feel the stress associated with our current situation. Actors and performers experience the exact same feelings. They became a performer or an actor to express what they feel in a different way that we as the listeners or audience can relate to. The strain is felt throughout South Africa as we are battling this virus.

The theatre has many benefits for your overall mental state and your mood. The performing arts offer opportunities for kids, teens and adults to come together in a community setting that demands in-person interaction which we tend to have forgotten over the years with to much work, screen time and no time for social or theatrical events.

The artists performing offer a safe environment to express or reflect on difficult emotions. Theatre can help individuals associate with certain characters that experience the same trauma they did but are not them. It can help them both explore their trauma and distance themselves from it at the same time. 

For the above-mentioned reasons, Encore Complex focusses on what the theatre can once again offer to the community after the lockdown is over. With people unable to attend social events at this stage, we want to encourage you to keep a positive mindset, relax a bit more now that we are forced to slow down from our hectic lifestyles and start taking care of yourself.

Change is as good as a holiday. Let’s embrace this change and look forward to what Encore Complex have to offer in the near future.

We are in this together.

Encore Complex – New events will be published after the 21dah national lockdown is over.

Look forward to seeing you there.

When Encore Complex was under construction, there was an incident that made us look at the construction of the theatre differently.

During our construction process, there was an accident that changed our vision for the theatre. All our guests needed to experience the same, unique live entertainment. Designing a theatre that is accessible to everyone, and to experience a part of history with the original chairs from the Old Capital Bioscope on Church Plain, but most of all, this theatre needed to be wheelchair friendly. Not only for the artists performing but for the guests too.

We believe that disability can be positive. Theatre is not only entertainment, it’s an escape. An escape from everyday life. To be able to enjoy a show or performance without being reminded that you are in a wheelchair. To be able to live yourself into the lives of the actors or performers. That is what theatre is all about. Entertaining every person, doesn’t matter what age you are, or your cultural background.

Encore Complex aims to bring people together in a world where technology has taken over. We want to showcase the extraordinary talents South Africans has to offer. South Africa has such different cultures and therefor, the theatre brings people together.

The Encore Complex is unique because it is 100% wheelchair friendly. We focus on 1st class entertainment which includes sound and lightning.  Our guests should come to experience the theatre, relax and forget about the everyday hassles of life. Parking is free and the entrance is managed and controlled. The soft curves of the stage ensure that everyone has a seat to take and that the atmosphere is electrical.

Phone Encore Complex today for all upcoming events.