Why Encore Complex?

As with any great performance, we aim to raise an encore from our clients through service excellence. We further aim to generate long-term relationships across our target markets.  We are proud to be associated with the University of Pretoria and invite other corporate institutions to visit our premises and discover the convenience and price excellence of our services.  Our smaller meetings venues are decorated in earth tones with cream, dark wood and leather finishes.  The encore, our 227-seat theatre/auditorium, pays homage to history and bygone glory as it boasts the cinema chairs from the Old Capital Bioscope which used to grace the centre of town. A team with great vision saw the potential of this complex in terms of location and layout.

Furthermore, these are some of the main reasons why you should choose Encore Complex:

  • We have comfortable seating
  • We have ample and safe parking
  • Encore Complex is close to the Gautrain Station
  • We have wheelchair friendly facilities
  • Our rooms can sit 227, 42, 24, 16, 8 and 4 people
  • All of our rooms are air-conditioned
  • Screens and Data Projectors are optional

Our History

Cinema Chairs from the Old Capital Bioscope

In 2009, the small and intimate Encore Theatre opened its doors in the heart of the city. With the outset of this theatre, patrons carried the original chairs from the Old Capital Bioscope on Church Plain. The soft curves of the stage, ensure that everyone has a seat to take and that the atmosphere is electrical. Here, we mix nostalgic and classic items, including modern lighting and sound to ensure that every production is a compelling experience.

The Encore Complex is unique because it is 100% wheelchair friendly.  The theatre started with construction and changed when Mathys had his accident and that’s when we decided that the theatre needed to be wheelchair friendly.  We focus on 1st class entertainment which includes sound and lightning.  Our guests should come to experience the theatre, relax and forget about the everyday hassles of life. Parking is free and the entrance is managed and controlled.

The theatre presents itself perfectly for Corporate Training Facilities and general Training Venues, which has already been used by big institutes such as SAQUA, forensics (ACFESA), The University of Pretoria for graduations and training takes place in the fully equipped Lecture Halls: Strelitzia, Protea and Kiepersol.

The yearly national eisteddfod, as well as drama and music schools, book the Encore Theater on a regular basis.  Herbalife uses the encore on a fixed basis to promote their health products.  Doxa Deo’s Bible School also made use of the encore once a week in one of its 3 lecture halls.  The encore has a fully equipped kitchen and the hall covers 220 squares a meter, where snacks and sit down meals can be served.  The present AGS Church was established in 1967. There is an Afrikaans service every Sunday morning at 09:00.




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