The Encore Theatre has a wide variety of facilities avialable for your use, 

Whether it being for Live On Stage Events, Training Facilities, Private Meeting Venues or Big and Small Conference Venues Pretoria Based.

The Encore Theatre has facilities that can accommodate from as little as 4 people to 200+

The Encore Theatre is proud to be 100% wheelchair accessable and all of the facilities are fully air conditioned and equiped with screens and data projectors to make your event just that little more special!


Encore Complex is taking hospitality and service excellence to the next level.

The Encore Theater Pretoria are close to the Gautrain Station, Get in touch with us by contacting us now on: 083 327 7748

wheelchair friendly eventsThe Encore Complex offers a theatre that is 100% wheelchair accessable. The Encore Complex takes pride in their wheelchair friendly theatre which is based in Pretoria.

Encore Complex focuses on 1st Class Entertainment, including sound and lighting allowing guests to experience the theatre to its absolute full potential. Our wheelchair clients are welcomed to come and relax and forget about the everyday hassles of life. 

Parking at Encore Complex is free and the enterance is secure and controlled.

Contact The Encore Complex to book our Wheelchair Accessable Theatre based in Pretoria.



events in pretoria

There are many things you need to do to plan your perfect conference. Here are a few things to help ease your planning process when it comes to choosing the perfect conference centre and venue:


The location of an event is a huge importance as it aids in the conferences success. Before you determine the location of your event, ensure that you are able to provide transportation and if need be accommodation in close proximity to your venue or conference centre.


It is essential to consider branding opportunities. Ask the venue coordinator what type of branding you're allowed to use and what the exact specifications of the conference centre space is.


Seek a venue that has all the facilities your event might need. This includes the audio and visual equipment, lighting, etc.

Food and Beverages

Be sure to ask whether your venue can accommodate your event's food and beverage needs. Keep in mind any allergies and special diet requests.


Be sure to contact us at Encore Complex, we have the perfect Conference Centre and Venue for you!

events in pretoriaThe Encore Theatre, Encore Complex, is a state of the art Conference Centre and Theatre equipped for all your Live On Stage Events, Training Facilities, Private Meeting Venues as well as Conference Venues.

Our facilities can accommodate people from as little as 4 people to 227!

The Encore Theatre is fully equipped with air conditioners, data projectors and is fully wheelchair accessable.

Encore Complex strives to provide professional service to all our clients.

The Encore Theater Pretoria is located in close proximity to the Gautrain Station.

Contact The Encore Theatre Pretoria for your Conference and On Stage Events today! Encore Complex: 083 327 7748

Encore TheatreThere are many types of theatre spaces, each one unique, which contributes to the way a play or production may be presented and produced. Certain types of plays will get more advantages out of a specific theatre space, thus it is important to know the types of theatre spaces.

Thrust Stage

A thrust stage is a stage that extends into the actual auditorium, where the audience is then seated around three sides of the stage. Example: Model Catwalk Ramp.

In the Round Stage

The actors and stage is the central focus, thus the audience surrounds the whole stage, from all sides. This allows actors to enter and exit through aisles that are situated in between the audience space.

Proscenium Stage

This is the ‘typical” type of stage we all know, a stage where actors perform and the audience sit in front of the stage, for example: A School Assembly Hall Stage.

Touring Stage

A touring stage isn’t defined by a specific space, thus your play can travel through many spaces.

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