Encore TheatreThere are many types of theatre spaces, each one unique, which contributes to the way a play or production may be presented and produced. Certain types of plays will get more advantages out of a specific theatre space, thus it is important to know the types of theatre spaces.

Thrust Stage

A thrust stage is a stage that extends into the actual auditorium, where the audience is then seated around three sides of the stage. Example: Model Catwalk Ramp.

In the Round Stage

The actors and stage is the central focus, thus the audience surrounds the whole stage, from all sides. This allows actors to enter and exit through aisles that are situated in between the audience space.

Proscenium Stage

This is the ‘typical” type of stage we all know, a stage where actors perform and the audience sit in front of the stage, for example: A School Assembly Hall Stage.

Touring Stage

A touring stage isn’t defined by a specific space, thus your play can travel through many spaces.

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