Whether you are planning a conference or an event, Encore Complex can host both events.

But how do plan a successful event or conference?

The planning can seem like a daunting task at hand. There are certainly many things you need to do and think about when planning your perfect conference or event. Here are a few things to help ease your planning process when it comes to choosing the perfect conference center and venue:

Planning a conference:


The location of an event is of huge importance as it aids in the success of the conference. Before you determine the location of your event, ensure that you can provide transportation and if need be accommodation close to your venue or conference center.


It is essential to consider branding opportunities. Ask the venue coordinator what type of branding you're allowed to use and what the exact specifications of the conference centre space are.


Seek a venue that has all the facilities your event might need. This includes the audio and visual equipment, lighting, etc.

Food and Beverages

Be sure to ask whether your venue can accommodate your event's food and beverage needs. Keep in mind any allergies and special diet requests.

Planning an Event:

Planning an event is simple if done correctly. You simply go by the three golden policies: plan ahead, surround yourself with a good team, and recognize why you're doing it!

Here are a few recommendations that will help you in this adventure.


  1. Don't rush into decisions.

Don’t rush into the logistics. Before booking the venue and order catering, you want to take the time and look at the venue, if it does have all the requirements you need for your event. Look at the number of people allowed, wheelchair accessibility, etc.

  1. Establish your budget

This might be the most halting decision yet. But, if planned carefully, your budget can be stretched way further than you might think. 

  1. Set the date

This might seem like an obvious step in planning your event, but did you confirm the date with the venue? Did you confirm by which time you have to be out of the venue? Is the date suitable for your most important guest? These are all question we need to ask before we continue our planning       

  1. Sponsors & Speakers

Confirm with all your sponsors and speakers that the date and time will be acceptable. Collect all outstanding monies from sponsors and if the speakers need to pay to speak at your event, collect the money beforehand.

  1. Event Promotion

All of the aspects help sell the event, raise awareness and increase the number of attendees.

  1. Entertainment

Are you hosting any additional entertainment for the evening? A live performer? Motivational speaker? Get these arrangements sorted ASAP. Confirm with your performers the amount of time they will have on stage.

  1. Equipment

Do you require any additional equipment not included in the venue? Normal things, but when planning an event, it is easy to forget about things like speakers, lighting, chairs, cutlery (if having a buffet or snacks), etc.

Luckily, if you are planning an event, Encore complex has got you covered with most of the above-mentioned. We have our equipment, cutlery, venue, accessibility, etc. All you need to do is confirm the finer details surrounding your event.

Don't hesitate, book at Encore Complex today