Encore Complex is taking hospitality and service excellence to the next level. The theatre presents itself perfectly beautiful decorations, amazing music, and mesmerizing lighting will really make it a night you will never forget.

With the outset of this theatre, patrons carried the original chairs from the old Capital Bioscope on the Church Plain into the Encore Theatre. The soft curves of the stage, ensure that everyone has a seat to take and that the atmosphere as electrical.

The Encore theatre, it truly becomes something to get excited about. We provide the performers with a venue to do intimate theatre productions, live music, and the best entertainment, as well as CD and product launches and video shoots. With the elegant background of the theatre, Encore Theatre truly is one of the most beautiful entertainment venues in Pretoria.

Here, we mix nostalgic and classic items, including modern lighting & sound to ensure that every production is a compelling experience. Encore Complex strives to create long term relationships with each performing artist, we go out of our way to make every performance successful.

Please contact us on 083 327 7748 if you would like more information on Encore's Event Venues In Pretoria.