Wheelchair Friendly Theatre Encorecomplex

The Encore Complex is unique because it is a 100% wheelchair friendly theater. The theater started with construction and changed when Mathys had his accident and that's when we decided that the theater needed to become a wheelchair friendly theater which is based in Pretoria.

Conference Theatre Hatfield EncoreComplex

We offer a wide range of conference theatre Hatfield based facilities. The theatre presents itself perfectly for Corporate Training Facilities and general Training Venues, which has already been used by big institutes such as SAQUA, forensics (ACFESA), The University of Pretoria for graduations and training takes place in the fully equipped Lecture Halls.

encore theatre hatfield
The Encore Theatre is your number one Theatre Facility for Live On Stage Events In Pretoria. Our main focus of the Encore is cd launches, Live On Stage Events, conferences, music schools, general meetings, graduation functions and many more. It consists of the best quality sound and lightning as well as 227 upholstered theatre seats.

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Stephan Visagie will be performing live with his band at the Encore Theatre Hatfield based. This will be his new CD release: “Wie is jy?” To book your seat at this memorable performance, contact The Encore Theater on: 083 327 1148 or email us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

encore theatre hatfield
The future of The Encore Theatre Hatfield based looks bright and exciting with amazing artists such as:

  1. Jannie Moolman
  2. Bobby van Jaarsveld
  3. Karlien van Jaarsveld
  4. Riana Nel
  5. Manuel Escorcio
  6. Robbie Wessels
  7. Sandra Prinsloo
  8. Leonora Veenemans
  9. Surina (Flooze)
  10. and lots more...