Encore Complex is currently closed for all entertainment in Pretoria, but we are not taking this time for granted. We have been planning our latest events after the lockdown and look forward to all our regular and new visitors to enjoy the positive atmosphere we have planned with extraordinary artists bound to perform.

The national lockdown came to surprise to all of us. And gave us time to reflect on what really matters during this period. Family, friends, and certainly the things we as South Africans do best, socializing. We all want to visit with family and friends and go to our favorite place of entertainment in Pretoria.

Having time to reflect on our lives, is bound to change all of us in one way or another. Encore Complex is looking forward to taking this journey with you. We can certainly promise the best entertainment in Pretoria as well as the best training facilities for all your corporate needs.

Encore Complex is looking forward to seeing you at one of our shows once the lockdown is over and something of the past. There is a future for all of us in South Africa and we look forward to facing the challenges that are presented to us.

Encore Complex – The best entertainment venue in Pretoria

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