The news of the National lockdown came down hard on all South Africans. But instead of dwelling on what we are unable to do during this period, Encore Complex thought to reflect on the true meaning of being able to go the theatre with no restriction.

As a fellow South African citizen, we have never been in a situation quite like this. Not being able to leave your home for your favourite show, attending live entertainment events in Pretoria and surrounding areas and having to stay home for the protection of yourself and your family.

But instead of focusing on all the negatives of the national lockdown, we are looking at the positive side with the best live entertainment in Pretoria that will be at Encore Complex when this is all a distant memory.

What does the theatre mean to your mental state of mind?

Truth be told, it is not only the employees and bosses having to stay home that feel the stress associated with our current situation. Actors and performers experience the exact same feelings. They became a performer or an actor to express what they feel in a different way that we as the listeners or audience can relate to. The strain is felt throughout South Africa as we are battling this virus.

The theatre has many benefits for your overall mental state and your mood. The performing arts offer opportunities for kids, teens and adults to come together in a community setting that demands in-person interaction which we tend to have forgotten over the years with to much work, screen time and no time for social or theatrical events.

The artists performing offer a safe environment to express or reflect on difficult emotions. Theatre can help individuals associate with certain characters that experience the same trauma they did but are not them. It can help them both explore their trauma and distance themselves from it at the same time. 

For the above-mentioned reasons, Encore Complex focusses on what the theatre can once again offer to the community after the lockdown is over. With people unable to attend social events at this stage, we want to encourage you to keep a positive mindset, relax a bit more now that we are forced to slow down from our hectic lifestyles and start taking care of yourself.

Change is as good as a holiday. Let’s embrace this change and look forward to what Encore Complex have to offer in the near future.

We are in this together.

Encore Complex – New events will be published after the 21dah national lockdown is over.

Look forward to seeing you there.