When Encore Complex was under construction, there was an incident that made us look at the construction of the theatre differently.

During our construction process, there was an accident that changed our vision for the theatre. All our guests needed to experience the same, unique live entertainment. Designing a theatre that is accessible to everyone, and to experience a part of history with the original chairs from the Old Capital Bioscope on Church Plain, but most of all, this theatre needed to be wheelchair friendly. Not only for the artists performing but for the guests too.

We believe that disability can be positive. Theatre is not only entertainment, it’s an escape. An escape from everyday life. To be able to enjoy a show or performance without being reminded that you are in a wheelchair. To be able to live yourself into the lives of the actors or performers. That is what theatre is all about. Entertaining every person, doesn’t matter what age you are, or your cultural background.

Encore Complex aims to bring people together in a world where technology has taken over. We want to showcase the extraordinary talents South Africans has to offer. South Africa has such different cultures and therefor, the theatre brings people together.

The Encore Complex is unique because it is 100% wheelchair friendly. We focus on 1st class entertainment which includes sound and lightning.  Our guests should come to experience the theatre, relax and forget about the everyday hassles of life. Parking is free and the entrance is managed and controlled. The soft curves of the stage ensure that everyone has a seat to take and that the atmosphere is electrical.

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