You have come to the right place. Encore Complex provides artist with the opportunity to entertain wholeheartedly and provide you with the best live music and entertainment in Pretoria. With many different artists, performing on different evenings we have got a great show for you.

When it comes to local talent, Encore Complex we encourage it by hosting the local talent. Encore Complex is known for our cinema chairs that pays tribute to the history from the old Capital Bioscope. 

Encore Complex have had enormous success when it comes to local artist such as Jannie Moolman, Bobby van Jaarsveld, Karlien van Jaarsveld, Riana Nel, Manuel Escorcio, Robbie Wessels, Sandra Prinsloo, Leonora Veenemans, Surina (Flooze), The Croons, Joshua na die reën and loads more.

Don’t miss out on the events of a lifetime. When it comes to the best music and live entertainment, Encore Complex have the event for you. Encore Complex is situated in Pretoria.

For information on upcoming music and entertainment in Pretoria, phone us on 083 327 7748